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7 Things a Family Lawyer Can Do for You

Hiring a lawyer is not something the average person necessarily thinks about in advance. It’s often one of those things that we think about as we are in the middle of a crisis and wish that we had thought of it sooner. Instead of waiting until you need one, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes and learn about some of the different situations in which hiring a lawyer might be beneficial for you. Since family law is a discipline frequently used by many people, this article will focus on important things that a family lawyer can do for you.

What Does a Family Lawyer Actually Do?

A family lawyer does a myriad of things, all centering around different aspects of family crises and situations. Their roles range from assisting with a pre or post-nuptial agreement at the beginning of the family formation to assisting in divorce or related child custody agreements if the marriage dissolves, along with a host of other duties and responsibilities in between. Here are just a few of the services a family lawyer might perform.

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Documents

No one wants to think about the potential dissolution of their marriage before it even begins, but for many people it is imperative to do so. Especially for those who may own a significant amount of property or accumulated wealth, a “pre-nup” as they are often referred to may be one of the most important documents you ever place your signature on. It could be somewhat uncomfortable to discuss up front, but the consequences of not doing so could also be catastrophic financially. A family lawyer can help you decide if you need one of these, and make sure the documents are completed and filed appropriately.

Divorce and the Family Lawyer

Just as a family lawyer can help you at the beginning of your marriage journey, they are essential to have on your side if your marriage comes to an unfortunate end. A good family lawyer will work diligently to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome in the event of a divorce. Not only will they represent you in court, and make sure the appropriate paperwork is officially and properly recorded, they will also help with such things as investigating possible hidden resources on the part of your estranged spouse and work to establish fair child support and custody arrangements.

Child Custody Arrangements

The family lawyer plays a major role in assisting clients with child custody disputes. This can be one of the most emotional situations of a person’s life and the lawyer will act as the voice of reason, helping to sort practicality from emotion. The family lawyer will fight for you, helping to obtain a custody arrangement that works best for your individual situation. They will be that crucial link connecting you with resources, helping you navigate the complex court system, and providing that steadying voice of reason when your emotions start to get the best of you.

Child Support Obligations

Depending on your unique situation, you may be on the receiving end of child support, or you may be the one required to pay it. Either way, a good family lawyer will work with you to obtain the most fair and equitable outcome for your needs, as well as the needs of your children. Your lawyer will ensure the court has all the necessary information to accurately compute the amount of the child support obligation as well as report any special circumstances to the court. There may be instances in which paternity needs to be established and a family lawyer can help with this, too.

Spousal Financial Support

When a couple divorces, spousal support, sometimes referred to as alimony, may be awarded. A family lawyer can be vital in advocating for your specialized needs and circumstances, whether you would be paying the spousal report, or be the recipient. A family lawyer may do such things as investigate financial resources as well as the ability of either partner to work and/or support themselves in a similar lifestyle that they enjoyed during the marriage. Some states have stricter guidelines as to when and under which conditions spousal support may be allowed. In these cases, the family lawyer will ensure that all appropriate documentation and information is presented to the court.

Adoption and Family Law

Family lawyer’s also assist in matters of adoption. In the case of a straightforward adoption, with no untoward issues, the lawyer will help clients navigate the court system, making sure all paperwork is completed and filed appropriately. They will work on your behalf to ensure a seamless transition to welcome your new family member. In the event that any stumbling blocks occur, they are an invaluable resource to help resolve concerns or advocate on your behalf if necessary.

Cases of Child Abuse and Neglect

The family lawyer may play a variety of roles in cases of child abuse and neglect. For instance, they may represent the victim, ie. the child, advocating for justice on their behalf and obtaining, or at least locating, resources to further assist. They may also represent a parent who has been accused of abuse, either representing them in court, defending them against accusations, or advocating on their behalf to regain custody of their children after completing whatever plan of action the court had previously recommended.

By now, you should have a clear understanding of some of the major things a family lawyer can do for you. Obviously, all the activities of a family lawyer would take much more space to discuss. Hopefully, you will not face a major crisis like any of those discussed here anytime soon, but chances are one or more of these will occur sooner or later. If you, or someone you know, is in need of the services of a family lawyer, please contact The Overstreet Law Firm at (817) 809-6643 today.

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