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Creating a stress-free divorce for your kid — or getting as close as you can

Divorce for children is tricky, but with the right help, kids can navigate their way through successfully. https://cnn.it/3xuWqCh

Walmart Litigation

A Texas federal judge gave a trucker the green light to proceed with his lawsuit against Walmart, which accuses the retailer of age and disability discrimination. Read the full story here: https://landline.media/walmart-must-face-allegations-of-age-and-disability-discrimination/

Contested or Uncontested

Sometimes a couple comes to an agreement and they decide to find an attorney who will file an uncontested divorce for them. They believe they’ve hammered out all the issues concerning the children and property and they just want an attorney to draft the documents so they can get divorced as soon as possible. There… Read More »

Marital Property in Texas

Many people know that Texas is a community property state, but they may not know exactly what that means. The Texas Family Code Sections 3.001 through 3.003 state as follows: “GENERAL RULES FOR SEPARATE AND COMMUNITY PROPERTY. Sec. 3.001. SEPARATE PROPERTY. A spouse’s separate property consists of: (1) the property owned or claimed by the spouse… Read More »

Preparing for Divorce – Gather Basic Information

Depending on your situation, a divorce can be very simple, very complicated or somewhere in between. In all cases, there is basic information you should gather as you start the process. Below is a list of things you should gather even before you meet with an attorney. Most attorneys will have you fill out a… Read More »